The cabins are situated in fishing zone 1 in the Bjerkreim river. This is the first zone after the Fotlands falls and the Fotland lake. Zone 1 is 4 km long on the south side of the river, all the way up to the Kleiva falls. The fishing here is controlled by Bjerkreim Elveigarlag, and fishing licenses are sold at the site.

In recent years, the Bjerkreim river have been one of Norway's best salmon rivers. The flow of water is great enough to ensure the possibility of salmon catch throughout the season, which starts on the 15th of June and ends on the 20th of September.

It is also possible to get license for the limited early fishing from 1th June 15th June

Fishing zone 1 allows all types of fishing, and is well prepared with benches, tables, toilets, dustbins, car parking and a well maintained riverbank along its entire length.

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